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Doing Well

Watching the trains

beneath the streets of Los Angeles,

red line,

taking my time to NoHo.

Feeling the rush of air,

soon I’ll be on my way,

crowded platform

as my music plays

in my ears.

Sitting next to strangers,

strangers on a train,

watching the stops

go by

as the masses move about.

I saw you the other day,

waiting at the Orange Line,

but you never looked my way.

I do not know your name,

wish I had the courage

to say my name,

but maybe we’ll be going the same way

next time.


up I go,

So many stairs,

the escalators are not working today.

Sun greets me

as I emerge

ready to catch a bus,

see if you are there.

No matter what I hope you are doing well.


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