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You are a fantasy,

something I imagined

so long ago,

an alter ego

still around when I need you.

You are a fantasy,

a boy I dream about,

a lover I desire

but you are not

a real boy.

You are a fantasy,

a place I do not speak about,

time has removed me from you,

and now I dream about your walls.


having dreams fulfilled,

love found and things proclaimed.

I long for you,

to touch you everywhere,

feel the imagined inside of me

become physical.

I sit and wait for you,

come take me away,

fill me with your things

that make me whole again.

Dreams fulfilled,

what imagined seen as reality,

time to do more than consider these things.

Time to take a stand,

go out and be more,

find you in the crowds,

take you by the hand,

lead you away,

live so lovingly,

share our everything

and live together

with our dreams we share.

Is today the day?

will I find happiness?

A lover and other dreams,

not just the promise of

but the fulfilling of,

found to be real.


no more fantasy.

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