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I take a look at the calendar,
days marked off in red,
enough said about time going by
now time to begin living again.

A bittersweet pill is life,
take it as it is,
of stay in bed
and dream it all away.

I take the slow flow of roaming the streets,
no place to be,
nothing to show for time spent alone
dreaming such lofty dreams.

Have I lied?
I tried so many times
just to to end up back
where it all started from.

I take a look,
just a glance,
in the mirror of time
to where I have been.

Is it just me,
my expectations were high
but the results were not so,
am I the only one with dreams?

You think you know me,
a stranger passing in the fog of life,
but we are so different
and what we want from life are two different things.

I write my thoughts,
you wander in your thoughts outloud
like life without a map,
my words a map without a guide.

No legend to explain anything,
drifting I am in my waking life,
waiting for something that may never occur.

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