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Dream Boy

Looking up at the stars,

how tiny they are,

wondering if I’ll ever be

as happy as when you’re with me.

I take nothing for granted,

nothing is certain,

I hope you’ll understand

when I hold you close to me

I want to remember that moment

for when we’re apart.

I start to understand,

love is something you cannot explain,

it takes control over everything

it’s what makes you want to remain in bed.

If only this were real,

this love I could feel,

but my lover is imagined instead,

a lover created in my head.

I dream of him everyday,

his lips and hips,

his everything.

He’s not someone I have met,

not yet at least,

he’s the one I will spend

the rest of my life with,

he’ll be the one to hold me tight

when the dark days come my way

and he’ll rejoice when things finally go my way.

For now I dream of him,

a boy I will love with

all I am,

a boy I will love

rest of my days and nights…

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