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I hear the way you say the words,

the pauses when

you’re unsure

of the words to say.

I follow you on your journey,

never believing it was all a lie,

your mask is no longer a disguise

I see your true self

beneath all of the lies.

I hear you speak so softly now,

your tempting me

to touch you everywhere

but this we have

is not more than a night

from time to time.

I was inside of you,

not that it was bad,

I wanted more

than all of that.

I like to pretend

that it doesn’t hurt

to be alone

but everyone hurts

from time to time

and this is my time

to cry alone.

Could I ever pretend,

forget how I feel,

be with anyone

but someone I love.

I hear the words you said,

lies to keep me down

words to get me to

be the boy you

wanted me to be.

I am not your to have,

you’re in the past,

lost and forgotten

among the memories.

Did I confuse you?

Sometimes it’s more than one thing

that I’m thinking about,

so don’t assume it’s all about you.

Let these words be the last,

don’t forget them again,

I’m not that kind of guy,

I want so much more

and love is one of those things

I need more than anything..

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