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For the Better

I was young

so many years ago

watching cartoons

without a worry

for tomorrow

but tomorrow has come

and passed.

What am I doing now

but dreaming of when

I’ll be more than

I am now.

Waking up,

dreams fading,

I find I do more

in my dreams

when I am asleep

than any other time of my life.

Stop now,

I need to get out of my head,

forget the negative words

that were said to me.

I long for someone to hold me,

he would hold me all night,

keep away the bad thoughts

and bring hope

where once all was lost.

I am shattered,



but not beyond repair.

These days go by,

as they always have

with me alone

but I still hope that

he will find me

and we’ll be together


I imagine him

but I do not know who he is,

just that he will

change my life

for the better…

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