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I lay here waiting for the sunrise

listening to the rain,

how could I ever end up here

not knowing where to go next?

I wake early just to hear the slience

of a breaking dawn,

I shout to no one

when everything remains the same.

I count the times I’ve been alone and afraid,

afraid of the truth

when the truth hurts so much.

Alone I hear the sounds all around

even when the silence surrounds me

I hear every sound.

I could not begin

to express what’s within

because there are no words

to describe a lonely heart.

It melts when I’m near you,

but you are just a dream

I hold to myself,

not a real person I desire

just the person I wish

would come save me from myself.

Are you listening?

Do these words mean anything to you?

I lay here waiting for a new day to begin,

send me on my way so that I may never wake again,

send me away from this place

and  let me be the one I’ve always been.

Seen through a telescope,

from distances so far,

my life look so perfect

but at that distance

you cannot see the cracks in the glass.

At last I reflect upon my identity

as a boy longing to be free,

free from fear and hate

but what a first date that would be?

A tree is falling somewhere,

can you hear it

scream out your name?

Where was I when all of this began?

Stuck in my head I drift

among the clouds

trying not to fall into the thorns below,

trying not to allow my head to explode.

I lay here waiting for the dawn,

Come here and lay next to me,

hold me close so that these words

will evaporate like the morning dew..

come be with me

and we will be one

from this day forth…



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