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Know Me?

If I told you how I feel

would you hear my words

or would you hear

your inner voice?

I hope you care enough,

maybe you do,

to listen without

judging me based on what you think I should do or be.

These words are not easy for me,

things on my mind so often

yet I never let them out

and I wonder if you’ll look beyond yourself

to see the real me.

You may think this is about you,

maybe it is to some degree,

but it’s really about me.

I have so much to say

but for now I’ll keep it simple.

I feel so much,

I’m alone all of the time,

and sometimes it brings me down so low

but I’ve already said this before.

I feel so much,

things that contradict,

but I am only me within.

I feel so many things within,

emotional as I can be,

but I sometimes need to release this pressure.

I write these words so raw,

emotions hidden within,

but don’t look for meaning

when you will never understand

the words I write or say

without first knowing me…

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