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My Darkest Hour

I have been where you are,

some of the darkest places

are in your head

when you believe

their lies,

but now I’m no longer there.

I can still hear the words,

spoken to me,

words meant to bring me down

but now I know

you were the weaker one.

Sometimes I can hear myself believe

those lies you spoke aloud

but I know these doubts will always remain

if I don’t let these things out

of my mind.

I was scared,

uncertain of everything,

afraid I’d have nowhere else to go

when he found me

in my time of need.

These years have passed

and here I am shouting out

that I am not the person I was on that couch

waking to that living nightmare.

I am not the person I was

nor do I ever want to return

to a time so low,

my darkest hour.

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