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Burning Desire

My phone is silent,

no one to make it

break this silence.

My heart races

as the blood flows down

making it harder.

I see the images of lust

like it’s all that I’m after

but there’s more to my longing

than a quick one with a stranger.

I follow my heart

to depart the old ways,

while looking for someone to share a bed with,

I am seeking someone to share my laughter

and someone to hold me when I am sadder

than I’ve ever been because no matter

what I’m feeling

I need someone to be there by my side.

I want to be in your life

not just in you as I remedy my feelings

of longing and desire.

I want so much more but I also want what so many are after,

we could have that time

to express our passion

but I need more than this or nothing matters.

Do you hear me?

I want to be more than someone that sticks it wherever,

though there’s a rush of emotion

when it’s happening

I now that only love really matters.

No one ever sends me signals,

or am I just blind to your purpose,

letting me know they are ready

to get to know me more.

I have a need like a torch

burning brightly inside.

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