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What without words you expressed:

your lips part,

I feel your intent

as you move me.

I move my hips

as time stops for us.

I could remain like this

but soon it will be over.

Is there more I desire from these moments

or am I satisfied closing my eyes

and drifting to another place?

These feelings inside overpowering,

a need to be satisfied again.

I want someone to hold me closer

and bring me inside of them.

Why do I feel as I do?

I want more than before but

what I had before is what I want and more.

I’m alone so often.

I’m alone with my thoughts so often.

These feelings and desires remain inside of me.

I may dream of something from before

but I want it more now.

I dream of something more than what was before,

something I’ve never known

but have always wanted.



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