Seeking After

I take the Red,

watching people sometimes,

wasting time

as above me now

people live their lives.

The sound of an approaching train,

The sounds of people all around,

we rush as the doors part,

as strangers on a train

we leave here for somewhere.

We’re all going somewhere,

different places, we’re searching for something.

I seek my identity in the days spent traveling,

others seek purpose in the stars,

but my seeking is done on the journeys

from place to place

living my life.

I’m on the 4 heading East up Santa Monica,

sky is growing dark with time

as I find myself in the travels of life.

These words from memories,

now I’m so far from these places traveled.

Now, I seek myself when I’m alone in my room

listening to song after song

as the hours pass me by.

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