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I was so eager,

the conversation

we had

now only a blur of random words.

I wanted you,

in the living room.

You told me to take it slow

but I needed your everything.

Alone we were

in my apartment,

I was nervous

as I tasted you for the first time

you were uncircumcised.

You filled my with


and then you filled me again.

That night now

a memory I linger upon from time to time.

On my fold out bed,

it was a gift from an older man

but that’s another story.

I was on top of you.

We rested there

until you had to go

but I did not want you to leave.

I don’t know your name

but you meant so much to me.

It was just a moment

with you in me

but the time we shared

was more than that,

it was a memory I now cherish.

I would find you if I could

but where would I start

to find you in the crowd.

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