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A moment

Tonight I dream,

maybe of wonderful things,

to wake in the morning

forgetting everything.

I could live a moment again,

my lips against your skin,

I almost taste you again.

One night so long ago,

in a room I knew it all

but little did I know

I’d look back upon those moments

these year from then.

I was so eager,

you wanted to take it slow,

we kissed and then I kissed you below.

I have forgotten your name,

I wish I knew it now I’d find you somehow,

but I do recall laying on top of you.

As the end of our time together,

I did not want you to leave

but you had your own life

and we were not meant to be.

I wonder if I could have said or done something differently

to make it more

than a one night stand

but that was so long ago

and here I am wanting you again.


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