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It’s late in the evening,

I’m thinking of leaving,

but there’s nothing for me

out there beyond the dreams.

I like to be more than imaginary,

these feelings so real

I’m about to be real.

Have you seen my anatomy?

What words would you say

to describe the parts of my anatomy?

I’ve been given compliments,

nice dick and balls,

but here I’m alone.

I am no longer ashamed

of what’s down below

I can show you if you want,

you can play with it if you like

I’m over being down about myself.

In my honesty I might be graphic

but why not be honest with ourselves

and talk about how we feel.

I like sex but that’s not all there’s to me.

It’s late in the evening

and things are getting strange,

hiding what I mean

between the lines.

I want to share the times I’ve had

that still remain fresh in my memory.

I want to live it again

though it cannot be again.

Before I was so low,

hated everything about myself,

and those times I was wanted and desired for my dick

it made me feel somewhat better about myself.

If you think you know me you don’t,

I am many layers,

and not all of my layers are revealed

to everyone.

This is complicated,

like me,

but there’s a point to all of this:

I have a dick and I’m not ashamed of it anymore.

I was told so many other things

that made me doubt everything,

but now here I am.

If you have anything bad to say

about me or what I say

then I have something for you.


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