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Lost Street

I rise up from my bed, dreams still heavy on my mind, to face the new day with hope.

Far from home I find myself on a street I have never noticed before. I’ve been riding all day and here I am exhausted and uncertain of where I am. The houses are ordinary houses at first glance but something is different about these houses: they are all empty. It’s as if someone built all of these identical looking houses only to leave them vacant.

In my dream last night I dreamt of a road that kept going. No matter how fast I ran there was always more road in front of me.

I push my BMX bicycle wondering if I should turn around and head home. The leaves crunch beneath my feet as I imagine these house filled with families gathered together for dinner. I imagine the many stories of the days they had apart being shared now that they are together.

A cold wind blows at my back. The past is always haunting you…

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