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Dark Places Imagined: That night We First Saw It

The rain pours a constant rhythm on the roof as I look at my phone trying to decide what exactly to say once I find the courage to call him. It was only yesterday that we found ourselves lost in the middle of nowhere.

It was a rainy day like is now…

The rain is thick. We drive as a song on the radio plays. We’re not driving to a particular place but we’re going somewhere.

A few days had passed since we first met. Now we’re together in the same car heading towards a small bar he heard about from a friend of a friend.

I’m not much of a bar person myself but I decided to give in to this notion of going to a bar to make him happy.

He drives while I look out the passenger window trying to find this gay bar in the middle of nowhere.

“I think we should consider giving up on this place.”

He’s driving so him saying this is a way for him to tell me that the decision to abandon our little quest to find this bar is not his alone. I remain silent in case this is a test of my commitment level.

He drives on. He must know that I won’t be the one to decide to head home.

The road transitions from a paved road to a dirt road with muddy holes everywhere. The sky is electric. Thunder louder than the radio makes me question the logic of our journey.

The car stops. I’ve been watching for the bar wondering if this bar actually exists. I look ahead to find the reason for our abrupt stop.

The road has come to an awkward stop. There is a big “Road Ends” Sign but this is our first indication that this road ends. On the map on my phone this road keeps going but I assume my phone is wrong since the road clearly ends in front of us.

I don’t recall why we left the car. It could have been out of some desire to touch the end of road sign just to see if it was real. We found the trail beside the sign. We followed the trail. I think he saw something down the trail that I don’t see. I followed him.

We found the small box sticking out of the mud. It was then and there that so much began. We never found the bar but that night we found something that would change our lives forever.

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