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Bitter cold greeted me as I became aware that I was no longer in a dream.

I move beneath the pile of blankets until I’m warm. For a moment I imagine remaining in my warm bed until it’s not so cold outside.

I can feel the pull of dreams keeping me beneath the pile of blankets. I can feel my eyes become weighted with the urge to sleep that comes from being cold. I’m warm now but I’m still sleepy. The warmth after being cold only increases my desire to dream again.

My phone vibrates on the table beside my bed. I forgot to turn the ringer back on again. Not many people call me. Mostly people text me or IM me when they want to communicate with me. It is 2020 after all.

I know who it is without looking. The one friend that always calls me. He’s my age but some of the stuff he does makes him seem so much older.

I ignore the first few times it rings. He doesn’t hang up after the first few rings. He makes it ring, or in this instance vibrate, until it goes to voicemail. I can hear it vibrate on the table. My giant ring of keys next to my phone dance whenever my phone vibrates.

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