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High on Santa Monica Blvd.

All I can think about are the lights across the street and how beautiful they look at the moment. I think I’m having a conversation with a friend but i’m uncertain if I’m the only one speaking. I keep talking afraid to find out I’m rambling.

I’m not paranoid. I’m not seeing things that are not there. I’m seeing everything around me as it is but in HD.

The colors are bright. The street has a cinematic look as though it were camera ready. I want to make a movie on this street. I can see San Vicente and the Pacific Design Center. People pass by in small groups. Some of them line up at the Rage. Time has no meaning as I continue my conversation that may or may not be one sided.

A friend wants to go somewhere. I tell him that he will have to drive my car because I’m not up to driving. My conversation ends and the rest of the night begins.

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