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This Town Yesterday, Tomorrow #1

I imagine, if you are reading this, that everything I am about to tell you would sound like a lie or something a crazy person imagined but what I am about to write happened. I was there. This is my story. As I witnessed it.

I never thought much of my hometown. On most maps the town is a tiny dot in the middle of nowhere. It’s not a place that anyone visits or move to in general. There is a military base. It’s a secret but not really a secret if you live there because if live here you either work at the base or are related to someone who works at the base. My dad works at the base. He’s a scientist.

That part of the story is the most believable. The next part is the most unbelievable.

Before I tell you more about my town I need to tell you more about myself. We moved to town when I was very young so all that I have ever known was the town. I grew up knowing that our town was not like most towns. I grew up knowing that this was not our typical military base town. It was a different time in a place unlike any other place. I’ll get back to the another time part.

I had a group of friends that spent most of my free time with. We were more like a family. I guess it would help to understand the part about it being a different time to understand our group.

My town existed in the 1970s and one night we went to bed and woke up to find ourselves, the entire town, in these modern times. I’m not smart enough to understand what happened. All I know is that I’m so many years in the future and it was as though I walked through a door from a room in the past, my present, into a room in the future, your present.

We are here with all of these new things and new way of doing things uncertain how to live life in a World so different from the one we knew yesterday.

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