Ghost #1

They said it was sudden. They said many things meant to make me feel better. I wanted nothing to do with their good intentions. I wanted to be alone.

No one tells you the truth when your dad dies. They want to make you feel better. In truth they want to make themselves feel better.

We moved shortly after the funeral. My mom had to get away from everything that reminded her of Dad. I wanted to get away from all of this and her as well. She reminded me of Dad.

My new school was new. New schools are never a good thing because you’re always the odd one out. When you arrive at a new school you are the one that no one knows. No one cares that you do not know them as well.

My first true friend was a teacher. He was in charge of the school paper and media club. I had no idea when I met him that I was the only one that could see him. At times I question whether he’s a ghost or a part of my imagination dealing with loss. Mostly I have decided not to care. I need him.

He helps me research mysteries around town and there are plenty of mysterious things around town. If he’s not real then I have no idea how all of this works but those are the details I tend to overlook in this partnership. As my Grandpa would say,” Why fix what’s not broken.”

I hope you will join me on these journeys to discover the many weird things about my new town and the people in it.

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