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Country Song #1

My story has no proper beginning. There is stuff about my story that occured before I was born. My story began with my parents. The problem is that to tell you this story properly I have to start somewhere in the middle.

I was living with my grandparents because my mom had died my dad was not in the picture. At this time in my story I was not aware of who my dad is. My grandparents were tight lipped when it came to my dad and my mom died when I was very young.

This is where this story begins but, as I previously mentioned, my story began when my parents first met.

If you want to read this story without knowing everything before it happened then skip this next part and keep reading the next part in this series. If you want to know more about where my story began then keep reading below.

My parents met when they were young. They had a weird blend of love and indifference. They were as close as two people could get yet so far apart. They had so much in common but had nothing to keep them together. My dad had a dream of becoming a famous country singer. My mom had no dreams. She just lived life.

Fast forward for a few years and I appear. My dad is a famous country singer. He also has new hobbies, habits, that would not only be the beginning of the end for his music career but it would be part of the cause of my mother’s death.

Fast forward to the beginning of this story, which will begin in the next part of this series, and you will find me a teenager with a dream of becoming a famous singer and songwriter. I hope that this was not too complicated but life is almost never so simple. There’s more to tell of this tale. There’s more to tell about my parents prior to my birth. I don’t know how much I will tell but here I am writing about my story.

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