Short Story Series Compilation Short Story Series Background Information #1

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  • Short Story Series General Information

The following are short story series that I have worked on to some degree over the past few years. This is a reboot of all of these ideas. I have written short stories for these ideas before. I am considering posting those old stories on here in the future.

I wanted to give you an overall idea of what each series will be about. I will post some of this content on here and some on my writing blog. I plan to repost all of the content, relating to these series, from my writing blog here as I have already done.

The series may evolve with time so the statement below may not be accurate at some point in the future.

This Town Yesterday, Tomorrow

This series is about a remote town in the middle of nowhere. The town has a military, scientific, base beneath the town. The base performs various experiments. One of these experiments, meant to make the town in invisible, transports the town into the future.

One day the town is there and the next it vanishes only to reappear many years later.

All of these series take place in the same World. 


This series is about a boy that moves with his mom to a new town after his father dies. He is mentored by the “ghost” of a former teacher. He goes around town, wit the help of his mentor, solving mysteries. We may never know whether or not this ghost is a ghost or the boy’s imagination dealing with grief.

Country Song

This series is about a teen boy living with his grandparents. His mom died when he was younger. He has never met his father. His father is a famous country singer on the verge of drinking his career away. His father has ben in a song writing drought. This series is about the teen boy discovering the identity of his father and his father stealing songs written by his son. The teen boy wants to become a singer, song writer.

Tree to Nowhere

This series is about a teen that follows a mysterious teen boy through a door in a tree down a set of stairs in the center of the tree. The stairs take him to another World. There are different groups in the World. This series will develop over time. There will be elements of leadership and a fight to control the land. This description is vague because I’m still working on developing the idea.

Zombie Boy

This series is about a gay teen zombie boy that gives up eating people after meeting the boy he falls in love with. I have written this series as short stories in the past. Love at first sight. 

Short Story Series Compilation:

  • This Town Yesterday, Tomorrow #1

I imagine, if you are reading this, that everything I am about to tell you would sound like a lie or something a crazy person imagined but what I am about to write happened. I was there. This is my story. As I witnessed it.

I never thought much of my hometown. On most maps the town is a tiny dot in the middle of nowhere. It’s not a place that anyone visits or move to in general. There is a military base. It’s a secret but not really a secret if you live there because if live here you either work at the base or are related to someone who works at the base. My dad works at the base. He’s a scientist. 

That part of the story is the most believable. The next part is the most unbelievable. 

Before I tell you more about my town I need to tell you more about myself. We moved to town when I was very young so all that I have ever known was the town. I grew up knowing that our town was not like most towns. I grew up knowing that this was not our typical military base town. It was a different time in a place unlike any other place. I’ll get back to the another time part.

I had a group of friends that spent most of my free time with. We were more like a family. I guess it would help to understand the part about it being a different time to understand our group.

My town existed in the 1970s and one night we went to bed and woke up to find ourselves, the entire town, in these modern times. I’m not smart enough to understand what happened. All I know is that I’m so many years in the future and it was as though I walked through a door from a room in the past, my present, into a room in the future, your present.

We are here with all of these new things and new way of doing things uncertain how to live life in a World so different from the one we knew yesterday.

  • This Town Yesterday, Tomorrow #2

The fields so green and tall. The sky deep blue with specks of white puffy clouds. I hear the train pass where the freeway passes us with not even a sign marking my hometown. What lies beneath is the cause for my story but our paths never cross. 

I walk alone watching as time has changed in a blink of the eye. I, and my town, are strangers in a strange land. One moment we were rooted in the 1970s and the next we’re adrift in this modern age. From the 20th century to the 21st we have traversed such a great distance without moving an inch.

  • Ghost #1

They said it was sudden. They said many things meant to make me feel better. I wanted nothing to do with their good intentions. I wanted to be alone.

No one tells you the truth when your dad dies. They want to make you feel better. In truth they want to make themselves feel better. 

We moved shortly after the funeral. My mom had to get away from everything that reminded her of Dad. I wanted to get away from all of this and her as well. She reminded me of Dad.

My new school was new. New schools are never a good thing because you’re always the odd one out. When you arrive at a new school you are the one that no one knows. No one cares that you do not know them as well.

My first true friend was a teacher. He was in charge of the school paper and media club. I had no idea when I met him that I was the only one that could see him. At times I question whether he’s a ghost or a part of my imagination dealing with loss. Mostly I have decided not to care. I need him.

He helps me research mysteries around town and there are plenty of mysterious things around town. If he’s not real then I have no idea how all of this works but those are the details I tend to overlook in this partnership. As my Grandpa would say,” Why fix what’s not broken.”

I hope you will join me on these journeys to discover the many weird things about my new town and the people in it.

  • Country Song #1

My story has no proper beginning. There is stuff about my story that occured before I was born. My story began with my parents. The problem is that to tell you this story properly I have to start somewhere in the middle. 

I was living with my grandparents because my mom had died my dad was not in the picture. At this time in my story I was not aware of who my dad is. My grandparents were tight lipped when it came to my dad and my mom died when I was very young.

This is where this story begins but, as I previously mentioned, my story began when my parents first met.

If you want to read this story without knowing everything before it happened then skip this next part and keep reading the next part in this series. If you want to know more about where my story began then keep reading below.

My parents met when they were young. They had a weird blend of love and indifference. They were as close as two people could get yet so far apart. They had so much in common but had nothing to keep them together. My dad had a dream of becoming a famous country singer. My mom had no dreams. She just lived life.

Fast forward for a few years and I appear. My dad is a famous country singer. He also has new hobbies, habits, that would not only be the beginning of the end for his music career but it would be part of the cause of my mother’s death.

Fast forward to the beginning of this story, which will begin in the next part of this series, and you will find me a teenager with a dream of becoming a famous singer and songwriter. I hope that this was not too complicated but life is almost never so simple. There’s more to tell of this tale. There’s more to tell about my parents prior to my birth. I don’t know how much I will tell but here I am writing about my story.

  • Tree to Nowhere #1

I woke up in a strange land surrounded by nothing familiar. I followed a stranger to this place I first thought I had imagined. I followed through a door in that tree down into the ground and up out the other side. I don’t know where things turned upside down.

I thought this was a dream at first. I woke up like it was a new morning, but I must have fainted.

I’m here now, in a different land, surrounded by things of fantasy.I have tried to find that tree that brought me here but there are so many trees and doors leading elsewhere. Which door will lead me home is uncertain.

  • Zombie Boy #1

I have no idea how to begin this. I mean where do I begin?

The World changed. I changed. I was not myself for so many years. I regret the person I became. I hate the word most use to describe the person I was during those years. Zombie.

I admit that I ate my share of people but that’s all behind me. My desire to eat people is not nearly as strong as it once was. I have found other, better, alternatives to eating people. It’s so much easier now as well.I mean it was not so simple before. Most people would prefer not to be eaten alive.

I did not think about things too much. I was hungry and I craved human flesh. I no longer remember my life prior to my flesh eating days and I do not remember much about those years I spent traveling the country looking for my next meal. There’s no meal delivery for zombies.

All of this changed when I met him. I did not eat him. At least not in the way I would have before.

It was love at first sight. It was love that freed me from my old way of doing things. It was loved that spared his life and brought two guys from vastly different backgrounds together. I was a hungry zombie and he was a scared fleshie unaware of my presence.

I watched him for days. I don’t know when it happened. The sudden switch from hunter and prey to zombie boy and zombie boy’s crush. I will not go into our courtship at this time. We went from strangers to lovers. We went from a zombie and his potential meal to boyfriends. We live in his apartment. I cannot remember where I lived before becoming a zombie.

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