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Sometimes I feel so alone and empty inside,

watching days go by these hours progressing towards nothing again,

wishing that I could do more than linger here alone.

Can you feel these feelings?

They bring me so low.

Everything is empty,

I’m hollow and I’m waiting to be filled by something.

I’ve craved love so often but I have never held it in my arms.

Am I worthy of your time?

I am all alone

with nowhere to be so I remain here alone again.

Suddenly things do not matter.

My life is frozen in a moment,

lived over again and again,

dull as ever my life has become.

I want to be transformed,

more like I was before

and less like I have been for so many years.

These tears I’ve cried

will not wash away the memories

of years wasted.

I’m hopeful about tomorrow

and what is to be of me…

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