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The cloud form and drift across a blue canvas. The heat of the day rises from the surface as tall grass dance in a gentle breeze. The sounds of lie somewhere mingle with the sounds of nature. I stand waiting for a sign. A reason to move. A reason to go somewhere. I want purpose. I want guidance.

I close my eyes. I feel the heat and the breeze at the same time. It’s inviting and overwhelming at the same time. I hear the sounds of progress and sounds of peace. I want my path to be decided for me. I want to be told where to go. I need to see where I should go and where to place the first steps towards my future.

A song, playing loudly somewhere finds me. I hear the words and I hear the music entice me with subtle instructions for life.

I step forward, towards the unknown of tomorrow, not knowing whether or not this is the way I should go but I go forward not knowing. I open my eyes and walk….


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