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Late Evening Hours

It’s late in the evening hours, I don’t know what cam of me, these hours wasted thinking of the yesterdays. I’ve come so far from where I was, lost in a confusion about everything, not that I know everything now but I am wiser than I was those many days ago.

You do not know who I am. I have done so much in my life. So many tragedies. So many tears I have shed. Now I hope to move beyond the past. i hope to become the person I have always been, within deep inside.

I watch time and the calendar. Wasting days with these struggles I have always had. It’s time to do more than daydream. I need to find the passion I once had for the creative things.

These hours pass while I think of you, whoever you are, the person that will complete me. Are you out there searching for me? I am here when you need a friend. I can hold you close on cold Winter nights. I can comfort you when things are looking down, as they are now.

Late in the day I sit here to write this for you, for me, and for anyone out there that needs a friend. I can be your friend or whatever you need me to be.


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