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Love is Love

These times have come, those seasons of life gone and went away, and it will never be the same again. I have heard many people talk about things they will never understand, pretending to be so wise when all they know is what has been told to them, and I was lead astray by these foolish things.

I do not love the way you think I should. I have loved and I have found love, but only was it true one time in my life. He was but he is no more in my life. Such a short time together. Now I remember him but only once every so often these days.

I feel the pain of so many years. The troubles I have had on my way to this place. I count the years, the tears, of when I was so low which includes these days I am living through.

Some hate but do not know. Some hate and know it. Both kinds of people hate and hate is not great. Why hate those different from you when we’re all different and we’re all the same?

Love is Love, so give Love a chance.


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