I try to sleep on the bus as we pass through the darkness of night towards the bright lights of an unknown city. This is not my destination but a stop on the way. The bus driver and I are the only two awake at this hour.

I left everything behind to look for a life beyond the past. The things I carry are the only things I have kept. The memories remain but they are locked away in my head. I can move forward with my life.

The streets are empty as we pull into the station. The lights, blinding at first, wake the other passengers as the driver announces our arrival. We all have to exit the bus. Some of us will return to this bus but I will wait for another bus to take me the rest of the way.

No one notices me as I sit in the lobby. I watch the people come and go. I hear the announcements concerning the bus I was on as they prepare to depart without me. I wonder where that bus is headed. I imagine, for a moment, that I returned to that bus instead of waiting for my next bus. I imagine going to the last stop. I imagine remaining on that bus until I am forced to leave it.

Life is like this journey.


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