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Silence. Wind through nearby trees move branches as though the trees are coming to life. I stare out into the woods surrounding me. I’m low to the ground. Afraid to move a muscle. I attempt to slow my breath. Out there somewhere they wait and they search for me.

I’ve been here so long that parts of me are asleep. I want to close my eyes but I need to be on guard. I have seen them pass me before. Next time they may not pass me by.

I hear a song in my head as the breeze comes again. It spins and moves around me. It watches over me as I watch for the enemy.

How long have I been here watching trees? Hors? Minutes? Not long I guess. Time is different when you are waiting. It moves slowly as though time is against you. Time wants you to suffer through periods of waiting. I scan the trees. No one is there but I see people everywhere. I her their footsteps. The dry leaves and twigs beneath their feet. All of this is in my head as I react to random sounds like the wind.

Tonight I will be home in my bed looking back to these moments of waiting.


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