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I watch the sky glow red and orange as the sun begins waving goodnight. The moon peeks through purples as day becomes night. Stars sparkle as things spin and orbit. Night is as we find sleep and dreams. Aware of the changing of seasons and changing of tides we follow the patterns of things changing to find a rhythm to life.

I could sit here and watch time for hours and years. The things that change remind me that things always change. I could remain here in this moment but soon this moment passes and the sun appears once more, shining brightly in the blue sky, with puffy clouds forming all around. Night becomes morning as I find myself aware of the cycle of life.

Where do we go now that everything has changed? Time to find our purpose through the sad time, the bad times, and time to find reason to continue not knowing how things will turn out. Time to walk for what is right for everyone. What if we knew so much yet did nothing to change the way things are? Time to change what is broken and fix the broken things.


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