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The Suitcase (Part One)

The stillness of the air was unnerving. I was alone yet I felt watched with each step that I took into the abandoned house. I could smell time. There is a nostalgic smell that comes with places left abandoned for many years. It’s strange being nostalgic for a time in history prior to your existence.

There were many smells that made me curious and made me want to exit the house. Smells: mild, dust, a time forgotten, old books, and the many cats that have made this house a home by crawling through a broken window as I witnessed prior to entering the front door.

Broken windows. A light breeze. The hint of rain coming through the window. The approaching storm only felt through the broken window. Light penetrates the rooms but left on the corners are places of shadow. Places where things piled are left hidden. The many treasures still to be found even after years of trespassers. I walk stealthily across the living room uncertain of what I will find.

Up the stairs to the bedroom I have been told could contain the best kept secrets. The room so many have feared to enter due to the many stories told of this one particular room. There are stories of hauntings for the entire house but this one bedroom has the most stories and the most stories that keep even the bravest of treasure hunters out.

I hold tight to my flashlight knowing that this room is the room with the dark curtains. No one has been in the room since the house was abandoned somany years ago. The reason for the exodus are uncertain. Little is known about the former residents. Most of what is told are stories made to scare of amature adventurers.

The floor beneath me feels tired. I am cautious with each step that I take. I switch on my flashlight as I creep down the hallway. The room I am seeking is the last one….


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