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Times Not Forgotten

A stranger I met online kneels before me. I close my eyes and pretend. In my mind he’s someone more attractive and we are someplace other than his living room. I could say that this is a one time occurrence bu it is not. This moment, in the moment, feels great. The moments after as we have small talk are fine but the moments after there moments are different. The moments when I am alone. The moments I look back upon those moments.

Afterwards I sit while we talk. I will dress and he will drive me to the parking lot where he met me. We will never see one another again.

In my room I remember moments like these in which I did things uncertain of why I was doing them. It felt good but some of those times felt better than other times. I was more attracted to some of the guys, the ones that were no older than myself.

what would occur when we met was as different as the places we met. Their names now forgotten but those moments not. I sometimes miss some of them and wish that I could be with them again.

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