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A Long Day

The day begins as I wake from a dream that fades as I open my eyes.

A phone call then a car ride to an unknown house.

We kissed as soon as we met. I did not hear his name. We spoke for a moment afterwards. In a bedroom upstairs. I watch him as we spoke aloud. Our time together came to an end. I walked out the door.

In a house off the boulevard I walked through many rooms. Music playing loud. Videos playing as I looked for the friends I came here with.

We drive around for hours. What began with a dream becomes walking around. These streets are quiet as my friend looks for someone to meet. Our car is parked somewhere.

I want to go somewhere else but I remain here instead. Sometimes what you want is not what you find.

We drive around after pancakes. The city is empty tonight. We drive for hours until we are in bed again. I find dreams again. One long day has come to an end.


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