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Times gone

In the middle of a hot Summer day I walk. I’m less interested in going somewhere and more interested in going anywhere. The sun is high above me. The sidewalk is hot beneath me. The heat rises through the bottoms of my shoes.

I swing my arms as I remember when I was a small child. Sun burns and fire ant bites. Cartoons and late night television. I would stay up late to watch shows that I was too young to fully understand. I would live each day never worrying about the future. I lived in the moment.

I walk uncertain of where I will go. I like to walk and think.

Tonight I worry. Tonight I am too worried about tomorrow to live in this moment. I think of the past and I find myself wondering about so many things. I’ve always been alone. All of my life I was alone. even those times I was surrounded by people I was alone. Now, I am alone.

In these times I recall living life but now I dream about living. Those times gone seem different looking back upon them.

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