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Only a Dream

If I could only remain here in your arms I would never go anywhere else but here you are.

These nights of music and dance as we find ourselves lost in time are the best nights of them all.

I can smell your neck as you hold me tighter than ever before. I am eager to taste your lips and everything you are. If only this were more than a dream I could be happier in my waking days.

I hold onto what is not because I am afraid of what will never be…

I hold you close as you pull me into your embrace. I wrap myself around you as you make love to me in my dreams. If only this were real I would be happy to remain with you next to me.

If I could only remain here but dreams fade with the morning sun. I am left with empty arms and a desire for something more. I could imagine being in love but have I ever been in Love? I want you to take me and hold me for hours. I want you. I want all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are. But for now it’s only a dream.

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