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Remain, All Night

I sat down, down by the river, as the night surrounded me. I held his hand in the dark of night. I could remain here all night. His skin against mine. I could remain next him all night.

Our words between silence as the music of the night became our soundtrack. I could remain here all night while our soundtrack played all around us.

This night with the distance lights of the town across the river wide as insects became music with the sound of the river rushing by.

We move closer to one another as our love grows stronger. He holds me closer. I feel him. I want more of him. I want him to remain there all night.

What else is there in these moments but the two of us? I hear the sounds around us like music to our love scene but in the dark there is nothing else but the two of us.

I feel him deep within as our love grows deeper. These nights are the nights I shall remember the rest of my life. Tonight is our first night doing more than kissing in the playground.

Tonight we are all that we need. I could remain here beneath him all night. I could remain.


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