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A Moment in My Life

I saw the lights on as the door was opened to the bedroom. He said nothing while we sat beneath fake stars and planets. Music played from downstairs as we held hands upstairs. Time paused as we kissed on his bed. I thought nothing could be better than his nipples then I went down below. It took longer than I was expecting but soon it was over. He was salty. He was the first one I ever tasted. I remember the moment it happened even after all of these years.

I never repeated. It was a once in a lifetime moment with the one I loved. We kissed more than anything else. I loved his lips. His tongue and mouth. I wish I could have him again but that is something that will never be again.

The sun went down as we once gathered. I held him in my hand. The stars above. Backyard moments that I will never forget.

I loved him. I guess I still love him, but what we had was just for that time. A moment in my life I will never forget.


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