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A Moment Sitting on Your Living Room Sofa

I watch your head as you consume me unaware of how I’m feeling in this moment. I feel your mouth down there and there’s a strange feeling down there. This moment is unlike any other moment like we’ve had before.

I remember when I was younger listening to every word you spoke. I never imagined that someday you’d be between my legs consuming me.

Your name will go unspoken and unwritten but I had to write about that moment that was different from those moments before.

I watch myself move between your lips. It’s exciting but not as exciting as it was before. Things have changed and I’m different.

I sit while I listen to you speak. I feel of myself swelling. I feel of myself to make it better. I’m okay sitting there with myself exposed. I feel fine sitting here playing with it while we converse as usual. I watch you as I touch myself and now that moment is over I wonder if we’ll ever have a moment like we had before.

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