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A Small Town

In the middle of a small town in the middle of nowhere stands a plaque with words telling of the founding of this town. This town being a small town with a small population you May wonder why this town has such a long history. You may wonder why this town is so small. You may wonder why the small stores on Main Street close and lock their doors well before sunset.

How many small towns like this have you passed while driving somewhere. You see these towns as small dots on your navigation screen. You may have a momentary glimpse of this town as you speed down the highway on your way to someplace else.

If you were to ever stop for a moment you may find what appears to be a ghost town. Silence except for the random cat or dog. Nothing but dark streets and empty parking spaces in front of darker storefronts. Lights out. Sleep well. No take to tell except the one on the marker at the center of town.

A history so complete in one plaque placed so many years ago. A town lost to the passing of time. A town of people living each day unaware of the things beyond the town’s borders. Unaware of changes and modernization taking place only a few miles away in a city bustling with life even as this town is shuttered for the night.

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