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No One Knows

No one hears me when I cry alone at night wishing things had been different all of my life. No one sees the scars, on the inside, from all the words spoken to me. I shall not repeat the things uttered over all of those years.

No one knows the pain that remains after traumatic moments, so many moments in my life, and no one knows the loss I feel each time I look back upon the many years of my life.

I left behind all I had to flee the captivity. I left so much behind that will never be replaced. I became a new person. I left it all behind me but now I’m learning to live with all of the suffering of all of my life.

No one knows what I’m feeling or thinking as I live my life as best as I can at this time. No one knows me or what I’m capable of, there’s so much that they cannot see because they are blinded by who they think I am, and when they become aware that I’m more than their simple idea of who I am they are surprised by all that I am.

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