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A New Day

A new day is here so where are we now with the changing of the guard? Nothing changes for the better, it only changes in direction with each passing second the lies are spreading like a fire across the lands burning in the hearts of those caught up in the moment that looks so real but these battles won are just the beginning.

Let’s change the conversation. You haters hiding behind the veil of inclusion. Don’t hate anyone different from you because you’ll hate everyone in the end.

Where is room for love when you’re busy burning buildings? Your violent ways only serve to justify their deeds done in secret. Why fuel hate with hate when that’s never a winning equation?

I shelter my ears from you words. I no longer desire to hear your lies. Why do you want others to feel shame for merely living? Why not love and let love be love without hindrance?

I’m aware of the suffering and the corrupt ways some people live in but when has hate ever defeated itself?

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