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Rising Water

I feel the day moving on without me, I’m stuck somewhere between now and never, dreaming of what’s impossible for me.

You weigh me down with your expectations of me, then you make me feel like I’m not good at anything but wasting time, and you think I should fall in line with the others.

No time for sorrow, save the tears for my funeral, wash away the burdens and lift me above the mess you have created.

I’m not giving up, I’m here to struggle, help me if you want to help, but the parades don’t mean anything to me.

Crushed beneath the weight of the day’s burdens I search for purpose in the everyday occurrences.

I feel these hours dragging me down beneath the waves, no one here but me trying to be me, and I can see the shore from here. I can see the hope of this moment stretched out before me. If only I had someone to lift me above these rising tides?

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