That Moment in Time

I find pictures of the two of us sometimes, it takes me back to the good days. I’m looking back over those years. I’m counting the passing years since I thought you were mine.

I’m looking at you, but a younger version of you, trying to remember what I saw in you, wondering why I needed you so badly. I needed all of you.

I think I was in love but I could never be so certain of anything. I miss your kiss and everything. I remember that time, it happened once, and I remember the taste of you.

I’m looking back to a time that will never be again. I cannot pretend that I don’t still want you or that my love for you has faded when it has not.

I’m looking back through time. I’m missing what we never had. I’m missing what could have been but it was not meant to be more than what it was for that moment in time.

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