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Imagined Lover

Hello and how are you? I wish that I could hold you.

Longingly I dream of you.

I would take off everything you wear. Touch you here and there. Press my lips against yours. Explore your mouth with my tongue.

You are a future lover and friend. I imagine what I’d do with you.

I’m on top of the world. I feel you beneath me breathless as I take all you can give. Reaching back through memory I make you more aware. You feel so much as I make your mind explode with excitement.

Let’s not forget me penetrating you with my thoughts. I could feel you changing your position with every inch.

We could spend hours exploring the places our fingers could touch. Dancing in the bed while our names are read aloud.

You are my future lover and friend. I’m waiting to know you better. I’m waiting to hold you tighter. I’m waiting to feel your every inch. I’m waiting for your touch.

I’m waiting for you my future boyfriend.

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