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The Future Imagined as a Card

I get the card and the jar of candy on the otherwise empty shelf. We collect our feelings like tiny spoons on our grandparents wall. I want feelings and your body next to mine. I want your spice and your nice. I want to hold it in my hands. I’m not wasting time with regret. What could have been is of no concern to me.

I want to see your body rising as I kiss along the way down. What would time mean as I go down? Nothing but the two of us loving our time together in bed.

I see the times that could be our life together though we have separate lives now. I’d meet your parents and we’d all laugh together at how we met.

In this future I read your love notes left in places you’d be certain I’d find them in time. We could find love and laughter together and forget the past being separate and alone.

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