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As I Truly Am

I’m trying to be myself when I want nothing else but to close my eyes and dream away the things that scare me. I’m not here to be what you want me to be but all I see are signs of conformity. In the morning I wake up wondering if this will be another day wasted, sitting around, afraid to do anything. I think about the negative too much. I wast too much time on the things that I cannot change.

I need to be stronger. I need to find myself within the shell games of life. I keep pretending too much, trying to fit in, when I will never be a part of the game. I’m an outsider looking in as the things change around me. I am too different to be anyone but me.

I am still finding me words to express my identity. i don’t know about you but I am searching. I want to know me as I truly am.

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