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Days Spent

Days spent silently thinking about those years gone, wondering where the many people met along the way have gone. Not that they’re out there thinking about me, remembering a few moments out of the many moments of their lives.

I hear the wind howling against the window. I feel no need for sleep but I have no desire to do anything but remain in this bed.

I often reflect upon time and moments gone. This solitary journey I’ve been on and I still haven’t found that thing that brings wholeness to this quest. I rest my eyes as the thoughts pour through me like the waters of many bodies of water flowing from many sources to many destinations.

I follow the flow to wherever it goes, leading me onwards and inwards as I explore time and space. Memories and dreams dreamt over many nights. I find a world inside my mind, an accumulation of dreams and memories like snow on cedar.

I am here, stuck, between the certainty of the past gone and the future uncertain.

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