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The sounds from outside are muffled. I hear the occasional car driving down the road. I wonder, for a moment, why I’m here.

I’m waiting for him to come back from his kitchen with a soda. He offered me something to drink as soon as I walked into his house.

The house looks and feels as though I’ve walked into a house from an old television show. There’s a smell that I remember from visiting my grandma. The carpet is thick and the walls are wood paneling. If not for the massive tv in the living room I’d swear I was either dreaming or I’ve traveled through time.

I sit on a large couch, sofa, uncertain what to do. I don’t want to touch anything because I feel as though I’m in a museum.

He messaged me first. He told me he was drawn to my profile and thought I was cute. We chatted some before he asked to see my photos. At first I sent him photos of my face but then he asked for more. I was bored and horny so I too some pictures and sent them to him. That was when he began talking about wanting to see me irl.

Here I am in his house. I consider walking out the door but I’m too nervous to just leave. I’m also horny so I’m curious about what is about to happen.

He walks back into the room with a soda and the remote for the television. He hands me the soda while sitting down next to me.

I look at him for the first time since meeting him. I was too nervous to look at him before. He’s a large man. He’s old enough to be my dad. I wonder how often he meets guys like me.

He’s talking to me about life and porn and the weather. I’m hard as concrete. I can feel it pressing against the fabric of my underwear. I’m not attracted to this guy but I’m hard.

He finds a porn. It’s one of those group videos where everyone does everything to everyone. I’m watching the video while he talks about what I want to do. I nod because I’m uncertain what exactly I want to do.

He unbuttons my jeans. I sip from my soda. He motions for me to lift my body up off the couch. I lift up slightly as he pulls down on my underwear and jeans. I sit down and he takes the soda and places it on a table.

This is the moment I’ve been imagining and looking forward to but I never imagined it’d be some old man.

He’s on his knees. He spreads my legs apart. I’m excited and nervous. I feel his chubby fingers. I focus on the television. I feel his lips against my skin. The warmth of his mouth. I feel myself inside his mouth.

I watch the guys on the porn imagining one of them being here instead of the old man. His mouth feels good but I also want it to end.

Time marches on as he continues. I feel warmth and damp. I move my hips thrusting myself up into his mouth. He is thirsty. He takes me in his mouth like he’s never had one in his mouth before.

I feel myself getting close. I want it more now than before. I push myself harder into his mouth.

I feel so much at once. It’s as though a switch was flipped and I fill his mouth. He swallows all that I give him.

I sit down. I hadn’t realized how far off the couch I was by thrusting my cock into his mouth.

He wipes his mouth and hands me my soda. I sip as we finish watching the porn. After finishing my soda and the porn ends he drives me back to where he picked me up.

I walk home wondering if someone passing me on the street could tell what I’ve done. I wonder if he’ll want to suck me again. I wonder if I will want him to suck me again.


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