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I sit in the library watching the clock wondering when he’ll be here. I thought a few times about leaving and forgetting about him. I want to pretend that I had not asked him to meet me here.

He appears a few seconds just before the time I told myself I’d stand up and walk out of the library if he hadn’t shown up by.

I’m nervous and hard and eager. I imagine for a second being in bed with him. I have to remove myself from that daydream as he walks up to my table. He’s cute and charming. The way I described him to my best friend. She made me promise to introduce him to her after the fifth date because she decided that she was not interested in having a new person in her life if there were the slightest chance of her becoming attached to him only to have him exit her life.

I told her I had no plans to have sex on the first date after she demanded that I tell her all of the details afterwards. I know the library is not the typical first date but it was the first place I thought of when he asked me where I wanted to go.

This is our first date and I already want to have sex with him despite me not wanting to move too fast. I need to slow the beat of my heart and see where this first date takes us.

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