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I stretch as the morning dew evaporates. The alarm on my watch reminds me that I need to hurry. Today is my last day here before leaving for California. I have too many things to do today. I need this jog through the park to help me focus. I’ll miss this park.

I slowly walk up the steps to the house I’ve called home for so many years. I want to stand here and look back upon the memories made here in this house. I think of the first boy I kissed behind the shed behind the house. We weren’t boyfriends. We were curious about so many things and over the years we explored these things together.

Leaving this house, this town, is like saying goodbye to him for good. I haven’t felt like this since the funeral. I said goodbye then but as long as I remained here I still had the places that reminded me of him. I saw him everywhere. I guess I’m somewhat reluctant to leave him but I know I’ll never have him again.

The bus pulls away from the building. I’m apprehensive about this move but there’s no going back. I have a long journey ahead of me. I have the photographs of him that I took over the years with me. I guess I will always have him with me wherever I go.

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